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  • click for more What types of charter does Overboard Charters offer?
  • Overboard Charters currently offer two packaged deals. Our popular Day Cruise Charter (max 6hrs) for quick getaways out on Lake Texoma. We also offer a Full Day Excursion (12hr min) ideal for any celebration including some of our favorites such as family get aways, company department retreats as well as team builiding and bonding exercies. For rates and fees please view our Rates & Packages page online.

  • click for more What do I need to pack and bring for my Overboard Charter experience
  • As with most boat charter cruises, the general rule is: the least baggage you have the better. To help you pack, just imagine what it is that you are going to be doing while on your particular charter. Some of the time you may be swimming or sunbathing - other times you might be dining or socialising. The type of charter and location dictates what is advisable to bring.

    Some items which are worth considering are: light summer clothing such as shorts, tops, skirts, sun hats or caps, sandals, trainers or sneakers or soft soled athletic shoes, bathing and swim suites and warmer clothing for night wear such as sweatshirt, sweater, windbreaker, jeans, light pants. We advise you to check weather conditions ahead of time as well as discussing with our captain any concerns you may have with respect to proper attire.

    We provide toiletries and fresh towels in the bathroom (for bathroom use only), however, we advise our guests to bring their own beach towels for drying off and a blanket for picnics should their charter require one.

  • click for more Is there a check-in procedure and parking acommodations?
  • Check In Procedure:
    Typically most of our charters usually begin at 8:00am or at the agreed upon time scheduled in your reservation. To ensure a smooth operation, we strongly advise our guests to arrive at least 45mins early so we can go over a check list of critical steps, some of which includes our crew introduction, charter guest list, all standard saftey and security protocols which may include any additional paperwork and documents that need to be signed before your departure. Please note that Overboard Charter reserves the right to refuse intoxicated guests or customers on board the boat prior to depature and we encourage our customers to drink responsibly during the cruise.

    Customers are provided parking via Marila Del Rey, for more information on praking acommodations and availability contact the marina at tel: 580-564-7212.

  • click for more What type of activities will be available during my charter cruise?
  • A few of the more common activities our guests can enjoy includes sun bathing, water sliding, jet skiing, playing beach volleyball, relaxing in hot tub, swimming, dining - the list goes on depending on your charter cruise itinerary. For a complete list of activities visit our included servicess page.

    Independent of Overboard's offerings, guests may also enjoy additional activities such as shopping, dining out and much more based on your charter cruise location.

  • click for more Is there WiFi or Cable/Sattelite TV Available?
  • Overboard is pleased to offer high speed WiFi internet to our customers along with sattelite tv service in our air conditioned main saloon (living room) for a complete list of availalbe amenties vist our included servcies page.

  • click for more Is there a food policy? And what type of food and drinks will be served onboard?
  • Our Food Policy:
    Overboard's food policy is quite simple as meals on a boat do not need to be extravagant. After all, the boat and setting are the stars of the party; the food should just complement that. As a customer, you have access to the kitchen and appliances however, we strongly advise customers who decide to bring their own food to prepare their foods ahead of time and offer food that is light and easy-to-assemble. The kitchen is primarliy used by for light prepping. We do not wish to have the ktichen (galley) area crowded. The boat is equipped with multiple mini-refrigerators with complimentary ice along with a wine cooler for cold or chilled beverages easily accessible to guests.

    Optional 1 - Customer Bring Their Own Food & Beverage:
    All foods and or beverages are provided by the charteree at their expense. Overboard Charters may provide assistance where needed in accommodationg food requests for the charteree in the form of additional staff support (1 Steward) to assist with your food service needs. This service based on the captain's discretion.

    Optional 2 - Overboard Charters Provides Catering Service:
    Overboard Charters is pleased to provide you and your guests with a fine selection of delicious, esquisite meals perfect for crusing on Lake Texoma, through a third party alliance. No muss, no fuss-made to order and hassle free dining with something for everyone! We currently offer three menu options including a picnic box special. Wines and other alcoholic beverages are also availalbe as an add-on item to the menu options.

    Our food service covers everything including delivery (or package for pick up), silverware, napkins and plates. To take advantage of our catering service and to keep the prices competitively affordable there must be a minimum of 10 orders. Prices are based on menu selection and number of guests. Any additional changes may result in price adjustments. For pricing and menu options please click here. Please note that Overboard offers additional staff support (1 Steward) to aid with all your food service needs.

  • click for more What will the weather be like for my chosen charter cruise?
  • Overboard Charters will provide destions and cruise information such as general expected seasonal weather. Please note that summertime weather on the water can change in a hurry. Squalls can sneak up on you, winds can turn strong, and the shining sun can burn you. We urge our customers to make sure guests are prepared with rain gear (in case of sudden showers), windbreakers and plenty of sunscreen.

    If you still have questions or want a more detailed forecast please do not hesitate to contact us for advice or check the weather ahead of time, our captain and team will be more than willing to help.
  • click for more Are there any DOs and DON'Ts during my charter vacation?
  • Safety is the most important responsibility for the captain and crew, and it’s taken very seriously. You will have a safety briefing about lifejackets and liferafts, so everyone on board should pay attention to the information given. It is a requirement of both insurance and maritime laws. Our crew has an extremely busy job from the captain to the steward; each one is there solely to make sure your charter exceeds expectations. Treat them as you would your most valued employees.

    We strongly encourage our customers to drink responsibly during their charter cruise. Be sure to take all necessary saftey precautions both on the boat or in the water. It is a good idea to carry your important personal documents on you when you leave the boat. Ask the captain and crew advice about what is best should you have any questions or concerns during your charter.

    We want to remind our customers that we are not babysitters. We encourage charter clients to bring children of all ages. Our boat has many amenities, including free WiFi, Satellite service with kids programming and DVD players, so you can bring their favorite DVDs or movies to past the time. However we want customers to understand that the children are their responsibility.

    There is zero tolerance aboard Overboard for illegal or illicit activities. The penalty for any such behavior is the boat itself being seized and the license lost, therefore the captain and crew will turn you in to the authorities.

    Charter guests should not enter the private/restricted areas. The main bedroom (stateroom) and cabin are off limits to guests unless otherwise instructed by the captain. Access is granted to the kitchen for prepping and serving only. We have have mini-refrigerators in the guest areas so there is no need for heavy traffic through the kitchen (galley). Remember to be safe and have fun!
  • click for more What if I want to cancel my charter?
  • Overboard Charters will not charge any cancellation fees if you cancel your reservation up to 48 hours in advance. If you cancel your charter within 48hrs there is a $250.00 cancellation fee that is taken from the security deposit. At Overboard we are very flexible and understand that cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather etc. are outside the control of our guests. In select cases we may waive the cancellation fee provided reservation for a later date is made. For more information regarding our cancellation policy please contact us and a trained staff we'll be happy to help.
  • click for more What type of payment do you accept?
  • We accept all major credit cards. We also accept Paypal from US dollar bookings (surcharge applies).
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  • click for more What is the charter guest accommodations on Overboard Charters?
  • Overboard was practically built to serve as the ideal party boat for intimate crowds. A massive top deck, large luxuring indoor living areas and a full kitchen, including the overall fit-and-finish are all proof of this. Our maximum capacity for our charters is currently 12 individuals (including children), and up to a three memeber crew including the captain.